What is SHIBA INU (SHIB)? What is SHIBA INU token | What is SHIB token

                     I will give you a short background that I am an independent trader of cryptocurrency for a couple of years and have always been fascinated about the genesis of decentralized communities.

To be specific, to what degree are they seeded and guided by invisible hands or can they really grow from seed to something perpetual and 100% community owned in the same way we see BTC or DOGE with no central figure or organization maintaining.


Since crypto is all about tokens, honestly I think that decentralization is a matter of aligned interest and distribution to token holders. If mystery admin holds 30% of all tokens in so-called “locked wallet” then still mystery admin has 30% of responsibility for the community and drive. This is what we often see.

So when we design the SHIBA experiment, our goal was very altruistic to give an opportunity for fair distribution and ownership from day 1. This means even if I RYOSHI and my frens setup SHIBA, we have no more potential for ownership that anybody else in the world. We will continue more about the ethos and vision, but first how it was done.

*Rule #1 *— I Ryoshi spend 0 on the project. Why 0> It is not because I am poorboi, I sell all my chainlink for $8 to pleb and have fun crypto money to play, it is because I want to know if something can start from zero from someone with zero.

Rule #2 — Since I spend 0 on the project, any $SHIB token I own has to be bought from the free market like anybody. So these are my token, not “team token” or “admin token” it is just “ryoshi token” same as if you bought it.

*Rule #3 *— Since “team” has no tokens and I am just some volunteer, we can’t pay anybody in $ETH or $SHIB for influence or exchange listing. Already in the time since $SHIB is know, I have had 28 different “influencer” contact me trying to get free token and 9 different “exchange representative.” to all of them I say the same thing.

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